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6/20/2013 11:31 pm  #1

Oceanview Pavilion

I am in the preliminary stages of planning and was interested in a wedding ceremony and reception at the Oceanview Pavilion. I have a lot of family flying in for the event and was wondering if there are hotels near the site? Also, what is the parking like at the site?
Is assistance with set up and clean up provided? Is there an onsite coordinator available?
Thank you for any help you can provide with these details!
<3 Molly 

7/04/2013 11:34 pm  #2

Re: Oceanview Pavilion

Hi Molly! I recently emailed the Oceanview Pavilion for more information and am considering having my reception there. Here is the info they sent me:
Thank you for considering Oceanview Pavilion for your event. In order to give you an accurate price estimate, I would need to know the number of guests that you expect to attend.
However, if you do choose to book with us, Oceanview will provide a 9 hour window for your event, and they can be any 9 hours that you choose.
This includes the use of our theater, terrace, tables and chairs (which includes their set-up), security guards, gazebo, prep kitchen, bar with refrigerator, free parking in Lot E for your guests, and both side screens for one hour plus the Marquee outside the facility.
I can provide white table linens with a color topper and sash for the chairs for an additional fee.
Dance lighting is an additional fee for $260.00 for 4 hours and we do require liability insurance for the day of your event. 

6/21/2014 1:30 am  #3

Re: Oceanview Pavilion

Thanks for your recommednations dear!!

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